Marcy Mini Bike

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Marcy NS912 Feature

  • Portable exercise bike with tabletop design
  • Pedal with your arms to tone and define upper body
  • Set on floor and pedal with feet to work lower body
  • Computer tracks your time, reps, total, reps, and calories
  • Manual resistance feature; 2-year limited warranty

Marcy Mini Bike

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Marcy Mini Bike Overviews: Looking for a compact, portable and lightweight exercise bike that you can use to tone both your upper and lower body? Look no further than the NS912 from Impex Fitness. While constructed of heavy duty steel, this exercise cycle weighs only 8lbs. Put the cycle on the floor and peddle your way through a lower body workout. Place it on a table top and now your strengthening and toning your upper arms. Keep track of time, reps, total reps, and calories with the on board computer. A scan mode allows you to review all of your stats throughout your workout. Adjust the manual resistance to a setting that suits your fitness goals. Easy to assemble and small enough to store anywhere, you’ll enjoy the cardio and toning benefits of this unique exercise bike. A two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects is also included.


Portable, compact, and lightweight, the Marcy Mini Bike offers an easy way to tone and define your upper and lower body. Simply set the Mini Bike on a table and pedal with your arms to work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and more. Set it on the floor and pedal with your feet to challenge your quads, calves, and more. The versatile design and compact size makes the Mini Bike ideal for rehab exercises, general toning, and cardio fitness. The Mini Bike also offers a manual resistance system; as your strength increases, so can the intensity of your workout. And the unit’s onboard computer helps you monitor your workout progress, with a scan mode that rotates through time, reps, total reps, and calories burned. Small enough to go everywhere you do, the Mini Bike weighs only 8 pounds and carries a two-year limited warranty.

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